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Personal information protection policy

Personal Information Protection Policy

Crafthills-Kasama Co., Ltd. as an administrator of this site consider and put a highest priority on a trust from the site users, set forth “Personal Information Protection Policy” as follows based on “Personal Information Protection Act” and after obeying this strictly it is carried without exception in the whole company to treat.

1.Basic Policy

Crafthills-Kasama Co., Ltd. recognizes the importance of the site users’ personal information, all officials and employees observe “Personal Information Protection Act” and internal agreement etc. and make assurance of proper handling and safety and certain management. And we operate our continual reconsideration and make our efforts to further improvement.

2.Purpose of Using Personal Information

An acquisition of personal information of the site users is carried out by proper way and it is used for only the purpose of confirmation work for acquired personal information through e-mail / telephone.

3.Personal Information Provision

Crafthills-Kasama Co., Ltd. does not provide personal information of the site users to a third party except for the case set by law.

4.Entrustment of Personal Information

Crafthills-Kasama Co., Ltd. does not entrust an information processing or analysis for acquired personal information to a third party. We assume that a managed professional section in the company treats.

5.Contact Information

Please contact to a following address about your request of correction, a use stop and provision or your question and complain about the site users’ personal information.

Crafthills-Kasama Co., Ltd.
2388-1 Kasama, Kasama-city, Ibaraki, Japan 309-1611
Tel. (+81)-(0)296-70-1313
Fax. (+81)-(0)296-70-1311

Terms of Service

The terms of service (hereinafter, “this agreement”) sets the use condition of the service (hereinafter, “service”) that Crafthills-Kasama Co., Ltd. (hereinafter, “we”) offers it on this site. Everybody of the user (hereinafter, “user”) can use this service with this agreement.

Article 1. (Application)

This agreement is applied to the total relation of this service between the user and us using it. We make the various rule or decision (hereinafter, “individual regulation”) in case of use in addition to this agreement about this service. Such individual regulation composes the part of this agreement in spite of its name.
In case a regulation of this agreement is inconsistent with individual regulation, individual regulation is given a priority as far as no specific notice on individual regulation.

Article 2. (Contribution of Article)

On this service, a use applicant can contribute an article after agreed to this agreement.
We do not approve a contribution in case we judge a use applicant conflict to following reasons, and we do not take any obligation of a duty to disclose a reason.
・When the false content is included on an occasion of an article contribution
・When the application is done by the person who has violated this agreement before
・Additionally, when we judge it is not suitable to adopt it

Article 3. (Prohibited Matters)

The user is prohibited to do following acts in case of use of this service.
・The act which violates a decree or good public order and customs
・Act related to a criminal act
・The act which destroys and interferes with the function of the server or the network of us, the user of this service or a third person
・The apprehensive act which interferes our operation of this service
・The act which collects or accumulates personal information about the other users
・The act which does hacking or tries this
・The act which impersonates other users
・The act which provides a profit to anti-social forces in relation to our service directly or indirectly
・The act which infringes a right or the benefit of an intellectual property, portrait, privacy, honor and other things of us, the user of this service or a third person
・The act which contributes or sends an article includes or we judge it is included following expressions on this service
・Excessive violent expression
・Open sexual expression
・The expression which leads to discrimination by the race, the nationality, a principle, the gender, the social status and ancestry etc.
・The expression which invites suicide, self-injury and drug abuse or, is promoted
・Additionally, the expression which includes the anti-social contents and is uncomfortable in others
・The act which have for the object or we judge to have for the object followings
・The act which have for the object of business, publicity, advertisement and others for a profit-making (however, except the one we admitted)
・The act which have for the object of sexual intercourse and obscene act
・The act which have for the object of an encounter and association with the opposite sex without the acquaintance
・The act which have for the object of a harassment or slander to other users
・The act which have the object to cause disadvantage, damage or uncomfortable thing to us, the user of this service or a third person
・Additionally, the act which uses this service with a different purpose from intended original purpose
・The act which invites to a religious activities or religious association
・Additionally, the act which we judge it is improper

Article 4. (Stops of rendering of this service)

When we judge there is following one of reason, we assume that it is possible to suspend or stop of rendering all or a part of this service without notifying to the user beforehand.
・When maintenance or renewal of computer system which affects a performance of this service
・When a render of this service became difficult by an irresistible force of an earthquake, a thunderbolt, fire, a blackout or a natural disaster
・When computers or communication lines, etc. stopped by an accident
・Additionally, when we judged a render of this service became difficult
We do not take any responsibility for the disadvantage or damage which suffered by a stop or interruption of rendering of this service.

Article 5. (Copyright)

The user can use this service, and contribute or is possible to upload only when the user possesses its own necessary intellectual property right for copyrights etc. personally, or when the user got beneficiary’s necessary assent for the information of sentence, picture, and visual image etc.
As for copyrights of sentence, picture and visual image etc. which the user used this service, contributed and uploaded are reserved to this user and other existing beneficiary. However, we can use sentence, picture, and visual image etc. which contributed and uploaded by using this service, for the purpose of an improvement of this service and its quality, or an incomplete correction etc. and well-known advertisement etc. of this service within a necessary range, and the user does not exercise a moral right against such use.
Except preceding clause sets, copyrights and other intellectual property right about this service and all the information relating to this service belong to us and beneficiary who approved to use to us, the user is not supposed reproduction, transfer, loan, translation, an alteration, reprint, a public transmission (includes transmittable), transmission, distribution, publication and business use etc.

Article 6. (Restricted Access and Elimination of Article contributed)

We can eliminate a data of contribution article and restrict to use all or a part of this service for the user without notice when the user comes under following one of them.
・When the user violated one of articles of this agreement
・When it was revealed that there is a false content in the contribution contents
・Additionally, when we judged it is improper to use this service
We do not take any responsibility for the damages which was occurred to the user by our action based on this agreement.

Article 7. (Denial of Guarantee and Disclaimers)

We do not guarantee explicitly and implicitly there are no practical or legal flaws (include safety, reliability, accuracy, integrity, validity, conformability to the specific destination, the flaw about the security, an error, the bug and injury) in this service.
We do not take any responsibility for the damages which was occurred to the user caused by this service.
We do not take any responsibility about dealings, a contact and troubles etc. occurred among the user and other user, or a third person.

Article 8. (Alteration in the service contents)

We can alter the contents of this service and terminate to render this service without notice, and we do not take any responsibility for the damages occurred to the user by this.

Article 9. (Alteration of Terms of Service)

We can alter this agreement without notice to the user when we judge it is necessary. And after the alteration of this agreement, we consider it has agreed when the user commences to use this service.

Article 10. (Handling of Personal Information)

We do handle a personal information which obtained by using this service properly, according to our “Personal Information Protection Policy”.

Article 11. (Notice or Contact)

Notice or contact between the user and us is done by the way we set. We do notice or contact to the place which inputted when the article contributed, as far as there is no change notification with the system we set separately, and we do consider all the information to have reached to the user when we sent.

Article 12. (Prohibition of Rights and Obligations Transfer)

The user is not allowed to transfer or give as security rights and obligations on a use contract and based on this agreement to a third person.

Article 13. (Governing Law and Jurisdiction)

The Japanese law is made a governing law in case of interpretation of this agreement.
When a conflict has occurred about this service, a courthouse which governs the place where our head office is located is nominated as an exclusive agreement jurisdiction.